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Attention: Pick 3 and Cash 4 Lottery Players


"Cancel That Lottery Workout! Pick Up Your Winning Pick 3 Pairs and Your Cash 4 Trio Sets Right Here."


 Then Use Your Pairs / Trios Immediately With An Increase Chance of Winning This Week Based On Proven Natural Number Laws and the Mathematics of Random.


Introducing Carolina Lottery Systems'


999 Casual Player's Chart Toolkit for Pick 3 and Cash 4 Lottery Game Success

Casual Lottery Players Pick 34 Toolkit


 for Use in Mechanical Ball, Non-Computerized Lottery Drawings Only


Five New Charts. One Aim.Win More This Week!


The Players

Who l What l When l How l Why 


Who: Ama Maynu is your Master Lottery Strategist who has brought together for the first time these five (5) shiny NEW Pick 3 and Cash 4 Lottery Charts using the laws of the "mathematics of random" to produce winning pairs and trio sets for your state lottery games.


Since 2008, Maynu has been in the game, and has authored more than a few lottery books highlighting different winning strategies. Her focus is the Pick 3 and Cash 4 lottery games, and she had helped thousands of lottery players win more in these games every year.


What: The Casual Players Four Chart Pick 3 Cash 4 Toolkit features two (2) Pick 3 charts and two (2) Pick 4 charts, including a Pick 4 "doubles" predictor and a Pick 4 "triples" predictor, both of which offer higher payouts than single combinations. Can you say "Ka-Ching!"


When: In Fall 2015, these newly discovered Charts can predict singles and doubles, predict "Doubles in the Pick 4", predict "triples in the Pick 4", and help you toss your long-ass, time consuming, non-working workouts  to the wind.


              You read right. Toss them all to the wind.


How: When Maynu, alias SBIP999, finds a single treasure in the raw, her first impulse is to dig some more to find the chest the first treasure came from. In this case, there were three (3) more treasures uncovered in the massive excavation. Sharing the spoils with her fellow explorers, and other partners in play seemed the only decent thing to do.

Which brings me straight to you...


Why: Because you need help with the Pick 3 Cash 4 lottery games.


With SBIP999's analytical skills, her unwavering attention to detail, when combined with her expertise in the games, these Charts can help you win more as early as this week.


So Let's Look at What's Featured in This Four Chart Casual Player's Pick 3 Cash 4 Lottery Player's Toolkit.


Some highlights:

  • Each one-page Chart can hold its own.  
  • Quick learning curve with simple playing instruction written right on the one-page Chart.  
  • No guessing what to play. No hours and hours using workouts that do not increase your chances of scoring a hit.  
  • Four tools from an expert lottery strategist which will be located at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  
  • Plus, a bonus "doubles" chart that will have your head spinning if it works even occasionally in your state.  


Here finally are your ingredients to crack your state's lottery safe, legally, allowing you to.........



Become the "Lucious" of Your Very Own Lottery "Empire"!



               Just follow the green paved arrows below for success!





Chart 2

999 Pick 3 Casual Players RD Chart

This one-page laminated Chart offers you two (2) to five (5) main combinations to play, up to a maximum of two to five pairs for each resistant digit (RD#) targeted. Column 2 of the Chart includes your main combinations. Column 3 expands that to include 7-15 total combinations, and Column 4 gives you from 12-24 combinations for your play set. Playmates and doubles for each RD# and broad stroke pairs are included. You play after you see a "trigger" combination fall as your last draw.


Retail Price for Individual Sale: $11.88, plus S/H

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Chart 3

999 Pick 4 Casual Players RD Chart

This one-page laminated Chart is the Pick 4 version of Chart #1 above. It features two (2) to six (6) main combinations to consider in Column 2, 10-17 in Column 3, and 18-29 combinations in Column 4. Playmates and doubles for each RD# and broad stroke trios are included. Specific trio sets associated with the RD# are shown in the final Column. Play only after you see a "trigger" combination fall as your last draw.

Retail Price for Individual Sale: $11.88, plus S/H

Bundle Chart 2 & 3 and Save !

999 Pick 3 and Pick 4 Casual Player's RD Charts Sub-Bundle


Free Shipping Included.

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Chart 5

999 Casual Player's "Predicting Triples in the Pick 4" PD Chart

This Chart is an ole time favorite. Once you see a "trigger" combination you are alerted to the possibility that a "triple in the Pick 4" is imminent. Column B tells you the most likely "triples" to play and Column C gives you three to five "x" values to focus on. Back testing is required because the triples noted for play and focus digits are switched in some states. Consider play only when a specific "trigger" falls from one of 60 box combinations acting as triggers.

Retail Price for Individual Sale: $14.84, plus S/H




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*Limited Time Bonus with Your Toolkit*




Chart #4

    999 Casual Player's

"Predicting Doubles in the Pick 4" Chart


This "Predicting Doubles in the Pick 4" Bonus Chart is special, and yes, finicky too. It is a relative of Chart #2 and #3, but so much more powerful. You will need to back test to see if it works in your state. Using specific "trigger" combinations, it predicts "doubles" in the Pick 4 using as few as six combinations, or as many as 15 combinations, depending on the RD# targeted.


"When this system was initially discovered, it was hard to wrap my brain around getting a 'double' Pick 4 hit using just six combinations," said Maynu, the Chart's creator. "But now I can chase doubles instead of singles in the Carolinas for double pay."


A Must Have for All Pick 4 "Doubles" Chasers and "All-State" Players to Target Specific States that Show a "Trigger" Combination Setup


This Chart Not Currently Available for Individual Sale


A $99 Value


But Yours Free With the Casual Player's Toolkit


4 Chart Pick 34 Casual Player's Toolkit

Get This Full "Copy and Paste" Playslip Solution Today


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Don't Know any "Lucious"?

Well That Won't Matter As Long As You Got the "Cookie" Building Up Your Lottery Lion Dynasty!

With Lucious or Cookie, Either Way You Win Because in Love and War, Someone Has To.


When you own the four chart Pick 34 Casual Player's Toolkit, you never have to go any further than your laminated Charts to find your pairs and trios in your mechanical ball, non-computerized state lottery drawings.

And we have included two "high payout" charts for even more chances to score a hit.

Who ever heard of playing just six combinations to chase a double in the Pick 4?

It's hard to believe, but true:  Carolina Lottery Systems releases systems that help you save money while you play only very specific targeted draws. Divide and conquer is how we roll.


What is a Casual Player and Do You Qualify to Use these Charts?


A Casual Player (CP) has a desire to "set it and forget it". They don't like running to the lottery store every single day of the week. So they put their playslips in for three or four draws at a time.

They also want a way to play as few combinations as possible each draw, and still have a half way decent chance of winning.

And they sometimes just want to choose the high payout combinations to focus on and target.

Some CPs are single state players, while others are "all-state" players who just want to be able to check the last week's draw in a given state and decide if its ripe enough for the picking based on the triggers of any current workout they just happen to be using at the moment.

Symptoms of a Non-Casual Player (NCP)

And, although some people will think they are Casual Players, they are not.

Instead, they are just plain addicted to playing the lottery every single day.

These folks truly love to play everyday, and they will play any number combination that comes to mind, with no rhyme or reason or method to the madness.

As long as they have a dollar in their pocket, they will take a chance. And they will usually wind up with the short end of the stick because they will not invest in a lottery education, or a system giving them better odds than they can achieve unaided.

You will recognize a non-casual lottery player because they may constantly complain about how corrupt their state lottery is.

You see, whether their state lottery is or is not corrupt is really irrelevant if someone can give you a system to overcome the "corruption".

So, needless to say, these folks lose a lot of money, but they just keep playing like they have always done with no system and no way to get out of the vicious losing cycle that comes from playing without a GPS to navigate the terrain.

On the other hand, if you are a true casual player, who only wants to play when the odds are truly stacked in your favor, then these 999 Charts will help you "up" your game exponentially.

You see, all Casual Players want their odds of winning increased dramatically with little to no effort on their part.

And for that you need a system, and the Casual Player's Toolkit is just such a system designed to level the playing field and help you win more (or lose less). Both scenarios keeps more $$ in your wallet.

Still, effort is required in doing any necessary back-testing to see if the system works in your state, but beyond that, the amount of energy required in using the Charts is negligible when compared to the amount of $$ you can potentially take to the bank. 


Quick Last Question:

Between"Lucious" and "Cookie", Who Do You Think Would Be the Casual Lottery Player from the Description Given Above? 

All Casual Players and Action Takers Are Invited to Grab This Toolkit today.

"The Predicting Doubles in the Pick 4" Chart can be a real money maker. Imagine your first $200 hit playing just six combinations at .50 cents each," Maynu said. "Just the thought of it blows me away."

Non-Casual Players can continue to procrastinate and keep doing what's not working. After all, luck does change...doesn't it? The question is whether it will change before 'the baby needs some new shoes'.

Some SC Examples of the System in Action located here.

Some NC Examples here.


New Jersey


[Charts Designed for Play in all non computerized, mechanical ball state lottery drawings. More states will be posted as they become available, or you can request a quick analysis of your state if not listed above.]

 Our Iron-Clad Money Back Guarantee

60 Day Guarantee

Test drive these lucrative Charts for 30 60 days risk free and if you are not completely satisfied, send them back to us for a full refund. 

Here's the deal: If absolutely none of these Charts work in your mechanical ball state drawings, and your state did not produce some winners from the chart(s) in the first 30 days, we will refund your purchase price, less s/h.

Remember, with these charts, there is:

  • No complicated formulas to calculate 
  • No complicated wheeling of digits 
  • All are one-page Charts with simple to read instructions 
  • No waiting all month to score a win 
  • No more guessing what might fall; just let the power/magic in the Charts do all the work for you. 

With our proven 999 systems, all the risk is on us. So take a full 60 days to evaluate the effectiveness of these "natural number laws" Charts and let us know your verdict. 


Order Your Toolkit today with our exclusive Pick 4 Doubles Predictor as a bonus.


This bonus is not currently sold separately and may be pulled from the Toolkit without notice. No joke. So do not wait on this one.

This four-Chart Toolkit may be all you need to turn your luck around.

Finally, you can stop throwing all your lottery dollars to the wind, because that is what you do when you work without a system in place. With no system for winning, you will rarely WIN.

Our job at Carolina Lottery Systems --- our only job -- is to help you win more and to lose less $$ in the Pick 3 and Cash 4 games, two games with all odds stacked against you.

We help level the playing field for the little guy, so the odds become stacked in your favor, instead of the house's favor!


4 Chart Casual Player's Toolkit for the Pick 3 Cash 4 Lottery Games

USPS  First Class Shipping Included! 



Note: Offer and price subject to change without notice.

This Bundle Offer with Bonus Ends Soon. 

P.S. For a limited time, you get four (4) charts valued at over $125, and it comes with two high payout Pick 4 charts to boot.


That makes this offer a complete steal at a cost approximating a single box hit in the Pick 3 game! 


P.S. II Ask yourself if you can continue doing what you are doing in the lottery games and realize a profit. If the answer is no, or if you are just down on your luck, it's time to try something new. Something different. Something based on natural number laws -- on the "mathematics of random".

Start to play like a pro when you use SBIP999's years of lottery playing / observation experience to your advantage.



If you hesitate, you lose. If you pick up the four Chart Toolkit, and your state responds to nothing, you still win because of our 60-day risk free money-back guarantee.


P.S. III If you are 100% sure that you do not need help with your Pick 3 Cash 4 lottery games, then you best stop reading now and get back to your workouts. We know how time consuming they can be, causing you to get to the lottery ticket window sometimes just in the knick of time to play your playslips.

Why not stop all the madness and get back to spending time with your family, or just doing the things you love to do. Because these Charts are a major time saver for Casual Players and busy players, and anyone who knows or even suspects that there is more to life than spending all day on lottery workouts.


With these Charts, you will be able to glance at your latest lottery draws/triggers, read across the Chart and find your plays. And not just any plays...your plays will give you the best chance of scoring a win.


Let us help you win more in the Pick 3 Cash 4 games. And remember, if your non-computerized lottery drawing state doesn't like our Charts, it will be easy enough to prove when you request your refund.


Order Now While the Bonus "Predicting Doubles in the Pick 4" is part of the Bundle Deal because when this bundle deal is gone, it's gone.


 4 Chart Casual Player's Toolkit for the Pick 3 Cash 4 Lottery Games.

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A $125 Value

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Note: Bonus Chart Included with Complete Toolkit

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An SBIP999 Creation

Please read our terms of service prior to purchase.